Sunday, February 7, 2010

Four More Weeks Left

The stress is on, like, majorly.

I have only 2 weeks to get my theory ship-shape. On 20th, I have to submit my 5-page abstract for RCA, and then fly off to Oldest Varsity to present my theory. Then I have a week and a half to complete a FULL draft of my dissertation to Adviser. If I don't get the full draft OK'ed by her by first week of March, then I will not be able to attend my commencement in May.

The FULL draft?

This is not really possible.

I have to keep working hard.


Anonymous said...

LD, for a man of your caliber... nothing is impossible. Safe journey to RCA.

Lonely Dissertator said...

I will borrow from your confidence, thanks! Sorry, I had to delete your second comment -- too much info! ;-)

Anonymous said...

It IS possible-I wrote my entire full draft (70.000 words, that is, in seven chapters) in three weeks and submitted to committee. Everything is possible. Go for it!