Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Running Post...

This post is "alive" and will be updated over the rest of the day.

Why? Because I have not been able to do any dissertation work the past two days, and there is a great deal of anxiety within. This post will keep me accountable to reporting to... the world(!) about my progress for the day.

8:49am. Going to exercise followed by some quiet reflection time. The recent bad news in Home Country has taken up a lot of my attention, especially since it hit a sanctuary where many friends call home.

12:15pm. Sitting at the coffee shop having a croissant and coffee after having done the morning routine as well as some Officework. -_- Yes, officework on a Saturday.

1:45pm. Dissertating has not begun at all! Coffee shop's fast internet access is not helping. I'm going to find another place where there is no internet access.

4:20pm. Two coffees and 1+ hour of work later, I'm feeling tired and woozy. The challenge with CGT is that you really have to think through your analysis. It's definitely not plug-n-play.

6:10pm. Dozed off for an hour. Then got news that I got into the Seminar at Oldest Varsity! Of course, I had to do the necessaries such as looking into flights, booking accommodation, etc. right away. I have never been to Oldest Varsity, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what it looks like compared to my alma mater, Second Oldest Varsity.

I have only six more weeks before I need to finish off all my codes and tie them together. This gives me NEW MOTIVATION! The count-down is on!

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