Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unexpected Tranquility

I'm sitting on my desk cutting up memos into strips for comparing and sorting. And I feel great.

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The past couple of days have been filled with stress -- work stress, that is. I thought to myself that I certainly would not have the energy to be able to dissertate after spending all day attending to work matters having to do with politics and negotiations. But I was wrong.

Professor Whitehair, whom I have always respected, encouraged me concerning my feelings of loneliness in research. He shared with me that the short time spans that he does get to spend on research are far and few in-between that when he has them, they are extremely precious to him.

I am liking my paper-cutting time right now, even though it is 7pm and I am still at the office. Not only does it relax me from the irritating and mundane work-life, the act of physically cutting paper gives my brain a whole different way to think of my data.

I feel rejuvenated in this tranquility. I will begin to see my times dissertating not as lonely, but as tranquil.

The Tranquil Dissertator? Hmm...


Anonymous said...

Hi TD,

I met an old friend this afternoon and I must say that he is quite a successful businessman. You know what? He too, mentioned the "D" ... wow.

Lonely Dissertator said...

Hey, thanks for that! There is grab in this category, I know it. Just finished sorting my memos... but takut to take the next step... oh yes, now I remember, have to reply your email.