Monday, January 18, 2010


Since my last post, almost an entire week wheezed by, occupied by other activities.

I finally found some time today and forced myself to attend to my variables and memos. Despite my best effort, I was only able to put in three hours of work. Compared to seven hours, three seems like a drop in the bucket, but it's actually pretty good. Still I'm not happy with the output because The Rush is on!

I could force myself to keep working, or I could stop...

I think I will stop. Not because I can't push myself, but because comparing and sorting of memos requires another kind of mind -- a clear mind. After 3 hours of reading and thinking, the brain feels like mush, so any additional time spent will probably be non-productive.

It'll be better tomorrow. I know it will be...

Sniff... :'-)

(don't you just love her?)


Addy! said...

I think working for 3 hours straight is more than good enough - you'd be burnt out if you worked any longer! Taking short breaks are good :) All the best!

Lonely Dissertator said...

It's Addy!!! :-)