Wednesday, January 13, 2010

\\\\/, \\\\/, \\\\/, \\\\/, \\\\/, \\\\/, \\\\/

For every 10 minutes of focused work that I do, I make a tick on my virtual MacBook sticky pad. Like this: \

Each hour consists of 5 x 10 minutes, giving myself a 10 minute break, adding to a full hour's work.

How many hour's work did I do? Yes, you counted that right. SEVEN hours of effective work done.


Remember how unmotivated I was yesterday? And how I didn't force the issue, but decided to come back with more motivation today?


When I came back and told my wife, she shared that a friend and her prayed specifically this morning that I would be very focused in my work. Prayer works!


All collected data has been coded!!! Now, to print out every single one of my coded "variables" and do some serious comparing and contrasting (which I have already been doing, because I have tons of memos). Then, I can zoom in on some variable, even consider them to be codes, and do targeted theoretical sampling.

I'm reaching a very exciting phase of my grounded theory: emergence!


Anonymous said...

With that amount of data, I'm sure it'll be just a matter of time for the emergence.

In emergence we trust.

Lonely Dissertator said...

"In emergence we trust..."

I think I'll say that *after* I've finished my dissertation! ;-)