Monday, February 2, 2009

My Proposal Progress

So, I've been up all night for 8 nights in a row, sleeping around 5-6am. When I awake (around 1pm), I work. And then, I eat. And then, I work some more. And I eat some more. And so on.

There was not a day night that I did not think I would be done with my proposal by the next night. But with each night that passes, something new arose and I had to spend hours editing and editing.

Did you know that adding up hours can turn into days?

Imagine that.

Tonight was IRB (Institutional Review Board, or Ethics Board). It took me 4 hours to go through the online training. Completely unexpected and frustrating to no end. Yet, it was good to learn, and it led me to further refine my methodology and write a more solid informed consent. Much better than the one I was trying to plagiarize from another dissertation. o . O


I didn't quit after the IRB. I pushed and I pushed and... ladies and gentlemen, "it is finished."

Okay, okay, I lied. I still have two appendices to edit and the references need to be filled in and APA'ed. But really, can you blame a guy who has been proposaling for six months for wanting to celebrate a little early?

I think not.

Here's how exhausted I am: I discovered a nice little reference to support my methodology, and then found myself laughing my head off when I noticed the author's last name was Dick.

Dick dick, dick dick dick dick dick.

I need to go to sleep.

Nite all. I mean, good morning.


Anonymous said...

o dear yes PLEASE go and get some sleep

Heather said...

I totally understand how you think you will get something done by the following evening and it ends up taking days. Then someone asks how much I got done, and I FEEL like I worked SO hard, but it sure doesn't sound that way!

Go ahead and celebrate early--way to persevere!

Career Encourager said...

Again - I am totally freaked out now about trying to write my own proposal!! I am meeting with Advisor tomorrow to confirm the topic and what they expect to see in the proposal - I am totally hoping it won't involve lots of sleepless nights! ;-)

Lonely Dissertator said...

Psychlink: I finally got all the sleep I needed. Thanks!

Heather: It's nice to be able to have someone empathize, isn't it?

Career Encourager: Don't panic. I've way overdone myself on the proposal (but for clear reasons).