Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good News

I heard today--only 4 days later--that the IRB has approved my application. No stipulations even!


BIG sigh!

I've always known that there is a divine purpose for me to be in this program. When I get such confirmations (e.g. a 21-day process taking only 4 days and without any hitch... well, except for my own panicking), I look Up and an impression seizes my heart with these clear words:

"Yes, keep going."


Scholar Wannabe said...

What wonderful news! Congrats!!!

Heather said...

A late congratulations! Someone is certainly looking out for you. Good luck collecting data!

Thank you for the encouragement you leave on my blog. I look for it now every time I post :-)

Peggy said...

Great news - congratuations!

Lonely Dissertator said...

Thank you, dear lady-scholars!