Saturday, January 31, 2009


I had lunch today with one of the leading scholars in family qualitative methods in the U.S. and likely in the world.

After talking with her about my dissertation and about Grounded Theory, she encouraged me that I am very much ready to embark on my project, and that it is a very good one.

Then, she introduced me to one of her students: "This is Lonely Dissertator (me). He understands grounded theory more than any student I have ever met."

After all that hard work (and torture), receiving such validation is simply... sweet.


sk said...

Congratulations! I have some firsthand understanding of how such validation feels... we feel like it was all worth it. :)

Anonymous said... sweet :)

Lonely Dissertator said...

Thanks sk and psychlink. By the way, are you sk the reverend or sk the one who sits on the mount?