Friday, April 2, 2010

A Rhetorical Question

"What does it mean when you feel embarrassed for a journal in your field that it recently allowed a substandard article to be published?"

I mean, really. It contributed nothing to the field.

*shakes head*

Probably some academic/political thing happening there.


Scholar Wannabe said...

I absolutely agree.

Someone in my cohort had an article published in Top-Tier Journal (and then s/he had the nerve to present it at a conference). Every A-lister scholar who heard the presentation remarked that the article was garbage.

Reason for publishing it?

Top-Tier Journal needed to publish an article using New Methodology and this was the only one submitted that used it (albeit very incorrectly).

And to think, I joined the academy to get away from politicking... =)

Lonely Dissertator said...

Want to know how shameless I am? Despite my slandering of this article, I've already cited it TWICE in my lit background section. It serves my purposes well enough and the lead author is a friend of a scholar I know well. Be in the game but not of it. Oui?