Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Lonely Dissertator

After 8 months of clinical internship, I've started to look at my dissertation again. And oh, is it ever painful! My advisor suggested that I may be one of those students for whom dissertating is an extremely lonely and challenging process. I think she may be right.

So I'm peeking into the blogosphere to find some mutual support.

Are you like me--a lonely dissertator? Drop me a line.

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Gnomon said...

Thanks for visiting. You're the first person who's found mine without me telling them about it first (and even they haven't been too supportive with commenting). But thanks for finding me. How long did it take to dig mine out of the results?

I've been focused on reading rather than writing recently (as evidenced by the date of the last post)--especially since the idea of throwing ideas out there and getting feedback to help develop them hasn't been going too well--but perhaps that's because most everyone I know has more important things to do than my dissertation. (And I definitely have things I want to do more.)

But I'm meeting with folks in my program for brunch tomorrow, so I'll mention your blog (and the links you've found to other lonely dissertators) as well.