Thursday, March 27, 2008

Keeping A Journal

Although introverted, I am a highly relational being. Thus, I find difficult to read academic things without having a class to meet or friends with whom to discuss my readings. One way to overcome this challenge is to keep a journal.

This is my journal. And you are reading it.

Keeping a journal helps me to "talk out" my progress and thoughts. Gives me a sense that there is an on-going conversation for my work.

Today, I'm reading the big picture of qualitative research and trying to figure out how I can go about designing a research topic.


Trooperdog said...

I found you! Not too difficult!!!

hiddendamage said...

*giggle* out of curiosity i try to find with your given glue he he he... i think i found you :P

me so the smart right *LOL*

Sunflower said...

I KNEW it! hehehe

I'll join you next sem. Well, I'm not doing a dissertation but a 20,000-word research paper... bad enough! lol

Anonymous said...

not sure how to link to my more academic blog from your blog, but here's my rarely-used blog that may see more use as I get closer to my dissertation.

Fajita said...

Oh how I wish I were dissertating.