Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two and a Half Months of Haitus

I started getting back into my dissertation yesterday. According to my dissertating notes, the last entry was dated July 30th.

July 30th was the last time I looked at my dissertation!?

I searched document folder after document folder to see if perhaps there was another little note or log somewhere to prove that I had not really ignored my dissertation for almost two and a half months. Alas, I found nothing.

Then I looked into my iCal to get a glimpse of what I had done.

August: Studied and passed a licensing exam
September: Packed up all possessions and a house
September: Moved half-way across the world
October: Set up a new home, hunted down schools for kids, and started a new job

So that's why I had not been working on my dissertation. I guess I had good reasons after all.

But I am ready now to re-tackle my dissertation. And I am excited.

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