Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm tired.

Lots of interviews. Didn't audiotape a single one, but typed like crazy when I sat there with them having them talk away.

There is definitely emergence happening. But I need a break to go and analyze more in terms of actual written memos. So much is just in my brain, swimming, bumping into each other... concepts coming together like elements forming chunks within the primordial soup that is my brain.

"Bleugh." <-- Let that be my core category.

> . <

(I need sleep.)

p.s.1. I am enjoying listening to Jason Mraz while handling data admin. Note: I hate data admin.

p.s.2. If you're interested, check out the comments in my previous post. Pak Ngah left some neat comments. Check out his blog.


Heather said...

Hang in there, Lonely! Keep those fingers stretched and hydrated and you will come out on top eventually.

Fajita said...

Are you sure you don't want to analyze some secondary data and be done with it?

Lonely Dissertator said...

Heather: Thanks. Somehow I was not alerted to the comments. Need to fix that.

Fajita: I'd rather gag on soiled diaper.

Fajita said...

Just checking.