Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Epistemological & Ontological Bent

I have come to the realization that epistemologically, I am social constructionist. I was not sure what to make of my ontological bias. I may have found it, in Critical Realism.

According to wikipedia, theologian NT Wright is one such example. This following quote by him (as taken from wikipedi under the title "Critical Realism" retrieved today) resonates well with me:

"..I propose a form of critical realism. This is a way of describing the process of "knowing" that acknowledges the reality of the thing known, as something other than the knower (hence "realism"), while fully acknowledging that the only access we have to this reality lies along the spiralling path of appropriate dialogue or conversation between the knower and the thing known (hence "critical")." (The New Testament and the People of God, pp. 35)

Pardon my French in the previous post. I just had to let some frustration out.


Fajita said...

You really are getting a doctorate of philosophy.

I lean toward social constructivism when I talk about philosophy, but I still act like a positivist child of the enlightenment. It's like a bad addiction I am working to kick, but know it will in some manner always be present with me. "I dont smoke a pack a day anymore, but sometimes I really want a cigarette." Yes, that's what it's like (although have never smoked anything).

I am still fuzzy with ontology and need to learn more about it in order to lean any which way. I mean, I am sure I lean some kind of way, but I don't have the categories in whicih to think but it clearly.

Peace to you in your lonely diessertating.

Career Encourager said...

I am starting to think that I think too simplisitically for the whole dissertation thing...scary after completing 3 years of required coursework in order to beg for the priviledge (via completing a special and writing a diss proposal) of writing the tome. What to do, what to do...

Lonely Dissertator said...

Pretty slow in responding to comments but here goes.

Fajita, that's a good metaphor. And I have smoked something at one time!

Career Encourager: I was told that I am going above and beyond what is expected of a dissertation in my philosophical digging. Compare yourself only to what your adviser and committee members think. No point comparing yourself to other students. I do what I do because I am internally motivated to do so.